AZUMA 東金属産業株式会社

Azuma Kinzoku Sangyo Co, Ltd. Since 1942

Metal 3D printing

Since the beginning of human race, the mankind has been developing the technologies of casting and forging metal materials.  A few decades ago was born a totally new concept of modeling method :  metal additive manufacturing.  After years of studies,  now its application  is coming to see the light of day.  Amongst  different existing AM methods, our company works on powder-bed fusion process in particular. Our mission is to explore, find and develop the possibility of efficient applications of the AM technology.


  • Acceleration and stimulation of development cycles by speedy modeling with lower initial cost and the minimization of  the time invested in a trial manufacture. (Rapid prototyping)

  • Near-net-shape forging of complex forms, shortening the process of removing excess materials, especially for difficult-to-cut materials.

  • the smartest solution for  complex or thin shapes

  • Mass production with lower cost by batch production

Our services

  • To make the best of those advantages,  design fit for 3D printing is indispensable. We will  find you the best idea and solution with our proficient design skills in additive manufacturing to minimize your cost and increase the functionality of your parts and products.