AZUMA 東金属産業株式会社

Azuma Kinzoku Sangyo Co, Ltd. Since 1942

Our materials

Maraging steel


  • Aluminium composite and MMC materials are soon to join our materials.

Our products

production and trial production with higher functionality of 

  • Aerostatic bearing parts
  • Air chucks
  • semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment parts
  • Nozzle parts
  • Heat and cool mechanism parts
  • automotive parts

For trial production, we have an increasing number of clients interested in weight saving and parts with internal conduits.

Our role is to make proposals of the best solution combining 3D printing and traditional  technologies to realize higher functionality of your product.

  • What can I do with 3D printing ?
  • How can I introduce it to my production ?
  • What are the advantages?

If you have such questions,  do not hesitate to contact us .

We will bring you the optimization, weigh saving, and higher function of your parts,  with the design philosophy we have been cultivated since three quarters of a century in various domains of parts and the topology optimization theory.  We assure the quality of our parts productions with our expertise in evaluation of materials  and in machining that we nourished in our long experiences of casting and machining.