AZUMA 東金属産業株式会社

Azuma Kinzoku Sangyo Co, Ltd. Since 1942


Casting materials

  • Steel casting of FC, FCD  etc.
  • Low thermal expansion materials
  • Casting of aluminium alloys
  • MMC materials etc.

Plate-working materials

various types of

  •  iron
  •  aluminium
  •  steel etc.

Pure metallic materials

various types of

  • iron
  • aluminium
  • steel etc.
We have a thorough machining knowledge and experiences of parts in variety of fields and with various materials. We are skilled in realizing required precision and accuracy, even for some difficult-to-cut materials like MMC, choosing the best conditions and cutting tools.
  Using trustful measuring tools to guarantee the precision,  we offer you parts which enable trouble-free assembly and good performance of the machine.
We have our in-house raw-material development division (for casting, welding and plate-working), and with cooperation of other competitive companies, we can offer you  a consistent production of parts through all processes of  [ fabrication of raw-material –  stress relief annealing /shot blasting/ undercoating – machining – finishing  – coating/plating – assembly] .