AZUMA 東金属産業株式会社

Azuma Kinzoku Sangyo Co, Ltd. Since 1942

Our materials

Copper alloy

  • CAC402  (BC2)
  • CAC403  (BC3)
  • CAC406  (BC4)
  • CAC502A (PBC2A)
  • CAC603  (LBC3)  etc.

Aluminum alloy

  • AC3A
  • AC4C   etc.

Special aluminium composites

Al SiC composites(MMC)

  • Duralcan® composites  (20vol%SiC , 30vol%SiC)
  • AKS (50%SiC and others) :  MMC composites we developed

NE12E(composite we developed with Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd)                ..etc.

Since our establishment in 1942,  we have been working in sand mold casting of non-ferrous metals.
Not only that we use alloys available on the market,  but we also challenge special materials difficult to mold.  We excel in production of special parts of special domains.
We also collaborate with material makers to develop and provide innovating high function materials.  We can provide a consistent production of parts through the whole process of “casting – heat/T6 treatment – machining – finishing – coating/plating – assembly” with our in-house machining division and assembly division and  in cooperation with other competent enterprises.