AZUMA 東金属産業株式会社

Azuma Kinzoku Sangyo Co, Ltd. Since 1942


Industrial machinery

  • LCD panel manufacturing equipments
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipments
  • various parts performance testing facilities etc.  

Labor/energy-saving, production line tools and facilities

  • Positioners
  • machining jigs,  plate-working jigs
  • Automation facilities of special process
  • Turnover devices etc.
We make production equipments, testing apparatus, machine tools, jigs, industrial lifting and transfer systems, productivity improvement tools  in various  fields.

We can also make proposals of  conceptions and plans of your facilities, utilizing our knowledge and experiences in all types of tools from precisions machines to  large equipments.

We have our in-house divisions specialized in fabrication of raw materials for casting, welding and plate-working, in production, in machining, and in cooperation with other competitive enterprises, we can offer a consistent machine production through all the process of
Conception/design – drawing the plan -> production of parts -> assembly and adjustment.